Sign in   sign up   the differential contributions of pfc and temporo-parietal cortex to multimodal semantic control: exploring refractory effects in semantic aphasia authors: hannah e. viagra generic Gardner matthew a. Lambon ralph naomi dodds theresa jones sheeba ehsan elizabeth jefferies article   bibliometrics · downloads (6 weeks): n/a · downloads (12 months): n/a · citation count: 0 published in: · journal journal of cognitive neuroscience archive volume 24 issue 4, april 2012 pages 778-793 mit press cambridge, ma , usa table of contents doi>10. 1162/jocn_a_00184 tools and resources toc service: email rss save to binder export formats: bibtex endnote acm ref share: | feedback | switch to single page view (no tabs) **javascript is not enabled and is required for the "tabbed view" or switch to the single page view** powered by the acm digital library is published by the association for computing machinery. Copyright © 2012 acm, inc. viagra online no prescription us Terms of usage   privacy policy   code of ethics   contact us useful downloads: adobe acrobat    quicktime    windows media player    real player the acm guide to computing literature all tags export formats     save to binder. Contact us help shopping cart home about us   article title, keywords or abstract article title publication title author advanced search subject publisher publication browse by: home >> cognitive neuropsychology, volume 17, number 5 gogi aphasia or semantic dementia? Simulating and assessing poor verbal comprehension in a case of progressive fluent aphasia authors: lambon ralph m. A. viagra without prescription 1 ; howard d. 2 source: cognitive neuropsychology, volume 17, number 5, 1 july 2000 , pp. viagra online no prescription us 437-465(29) publisher: psychology press, part of the taylor & francis group < previous article | view table of contents | next article >  buy & download fulltext article: or pressing the buy now button more than once may result in multiple purchases price: $51. generic viagra canada 14 plus tax (refund policy)         abstract: many patients with progressive fluent aphasia present with poor verbal comprehension and profound word-finding difficulties in the context of much better picture comprehension and object use. The japanese term gogi (literally “word-meaning”) aphasia matches this behavioural pattern. The alternative label of semantic dementia is most often used for these patients and this term emphasises a generalised degradation of conceptual knowledge that encompasses both verbal and nonverbal comprehension. buy viagra The study presented here investigates whether progressive fluent aphasia has a functional impairment limited to the verbal domain (gogi aphasia) or more widespread involvement of all conceptual knowledge (semantic dementia). much does viagra cost uk prescription We report data collected from a patient with progressive fluent aphasia, iw, who presented with profound word-finding difficulties and relatively poor word comprehension. buy viagra cheap The predictions of three theoretical interpretations of this pattern are investigated in a series of experimental tasks. viagra prescription label We arg. viagra without a doctor prescription