A hospital that does at least 20 whipple procedures per year. viagra cheaper walmart At the time of diagnosis, only about 10% of cancers of the pancreas appear to be contained entirely within the pancreas. Only about half of these turn out to be truly resectable once the surgery is started. Although surgery offers the only real chance to cure exocrine pancreatic cancer, it doesn’t always lead to a cure. generic viagra Even if all the visible tumor is removed, often some cancer cells have already spread to other parts of the body. viagra viagra vs These cells eventually grow into new tumors and cause many problems — even death. buy viagra online This is why the cancer comes back later in most patients who had surgery that appeared to completely remove a cancer of the exocrine pancreas. Long-term success rates for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are often much better. These tumors are more likely to be cured with surgery. Distal pancreatectomy: this operation removes only the tail of the pancreas or the tail and a portion of the body of the pancreas. order viagra online The spleen is usually removed as well. should young men use viagra This operation is used more often with islet cell tumors found in the tail and body of the pancreas. It is seldom used to treat cancers of the exocrine pancreas because these tumors have usually already spread by the time they are found. Total pancreatectomy: this operation was once used for tumors in the body or head of the pancreas. generic viagra online It removes the entire pancreas and the spleen. no prescription viagra pharmacies It is now seldom used to treat exocrine cancers of the pancreas because there doesn't seem to be an advantage in removing the whole pancreas. It is possible to live without a pancreas. how much does viagra cost to buy But when the entire pancreas is removed, people are left without any islet cells, the cells that make insulin. These people develop diabetes, which can be hard to manage because they become totally dependent on insulin. Palliative surgery if the cancer has spread too far to be completely removed, any surgery being considered would be palliative (intended to relieve or prevent symptoms). Because pancreatic cancer can progress quickly, most doctors do not advise surgery for palliation. viagra viagra vs However, sometimes surgery may begin with the hope it will cure the patient, but the surgeon discovers this is not possible. viagra without a doctor prescription In this case, the surgeon may continue the operation. buy viagra online no prescription